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Pushing Beyond Your Limits

I believe our minds and bodies are more powerful than we will ever realize.  I am reminded of this constantly while I train or work out.  There are so many times when we get this feeling or voice that tells us we are tired and we cannot possibly continue or do another set or rep when in fact we can!  Why do we listen to this voice that tells us to quit when there is more of us to give?

I first really took this lesson in when I was learning to scuba dive.  My Dad, brother and I were all taking a class to get certified to scuba dive almost 15 years ago now.  I remember there was a part of the class that required us to hold our breath under water.  I don’t remember my time, but I remember as I went under water it felt like I was only under for 15 seconds and I already needed to go up for air. My father took a minute to explain to me that we can push ourselves further than we think.  He explained how we are so used to getting air whenever we want it, even when we don’t need it.  As we go under the water, we have to relax and remind ourselves that we are okay and the surface isn’t far away if we need it.  I was able to practice holding my breath and eventually met the requirements for our certification.  I realized just how silly it was that I thought I had to go up for air when in fact I didn’t.

In my training, I constantly find ways to remind myself that I can do more than I think I can.  I often try and make it fun or silly.  My students have heard me say things like, “we are half way done, its all downhill from here” or, “only 5 more left, you can do 5 of anything” or on the tough sets, “this is everyone’s favorite set, its so easy.”  I say these words to encourage them to push hard, but I’m also telling myself.  Often times my mind is telling me I’m too tired or too sore and I need to stop.  So I say out loud these funny things to remind myself that I can do more and I will do more.  I believe it was Nike who just recently put out a commercial of the football player working out, and above his head the ceiling reads, “One More”.  I thought they were reading my mind when they released that commercial.

Bruce Lee has many famous quotes, but he has in particular about your limits that I want to leave you with…

So, remember, next time you feel like quitting, push beyond your limitations!  Tell yourself you can do more and increase your potential!

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