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Adult Martial Arts in Scotts Valley

Innovative Martial Arts in Scotts Valley, CA combines the best of various martial arts to deliver a killer workout, effective self-defense, and have a happier more fulfilled life!

We teach our students to pursue excellence in aspects of their life by encouraging and supporting our students and their families in their goals.  We do this through high-quality martial arts training, physical fitness, friendships, and mentorship.

Our program is the perfect combination of Self-Defense, Fitness, and a Ton of FUN!


Strength and Flexibility:  Our classes are packed with a punch as you build muscle and increase your flexibility.

Self-Defense:  You will learn effective Self-Defense skills in all ranges of combat (Weapons, Kicking, Punching, Clinching, and Grappling).

Stress Relief:  You will feel the stress melt away as you engage your mind and body in class.  Plus we get to hit things :)  After class, you will be in a peak state and ready to tackle any challenge.

Community:  You will be apart of an amazing, encouraging, and supporting martial arts community!  We encourage and help each on and off the mats!

More Energy and Vitality:  You will get a great workout and you will be physically tired, but mentally you will be re-charged with more energy than before.

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Contact Us: 1-831-438-5425
216 Mt. Hermon Rd, Suite G,
Scotts Valley, CA, 95066​​
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