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Scotts Valley Martial Arts

Learn how to protect yourself & your loved ones. Get in great shape at the same time.

The 5 Reasons Our Martial Arts Classes Are
So Life-Changing, For Both Kids & Adults.

Hi and welcome!

We’re so happy to share our passion for martial arts with you. For some, our Scotts Valley Martial Arts school might just seem like a place to get fit and learn self-defense... but to us it’s so much more.

While you get into the absolute best shape of your life, some other “subtle” changes happen as well. These changes are mind blowing to our new students. When you train in our programs, your life will never be the same again...in a really good way!

Here are a handful of those life-changing benefits students experience…

Soaring Self-Confidence

Something amazing happens when you start to move your body and apply physical fitness into your life...it creates a lifestyle. A happier life that is more fulfilling, one that gives you a feeling of accomplishment, and a really big boost in confidence! Your circle of influence will be your passionate instructors and classmates ready to support you as you strive to bust through your martial arts and fitness goals. 

As you progress through class you will realize how amazing and capable you are. Realizing that makes you feel more self-assured of your ability to handle other challenges that come up along the way. 

Both kids and adults experience this and it’s one of the greatest things to see as a teacher. Wallflower students blossom into strong leaders in the classroom while adults take on bigger tasks with gusto and a "can do" attitude.

Increased Ability to Focus

Martial Arts is so much fun! You’ll learn all sorts of new skills and techniques like striking drills, defensive moves, and even super secret functional cardio drills. But... when you learn a new skill, you have to concentrate hard on listening to the instructor, then perform what they taught you.

The neat thing is this intense concentration naturally pours into all other areas of your life as you develop laser like focus. It’s one of the most amazing side effects of martial arts — many call it getting in the zone, unlocking your untapped potential, or peak performance.

Whatever you want to call it, one thing is for certain — you’ll learn how to focus your mind to perform tasks you once thought impossible.

Improved Physical Fitness

No matter what your starting level is, you’ll start to see improvements in as little as two weeks and will continue to get stronger, more flexible, and leaned out than you ever thought possible.

Each class is loaded with challenging and fun exercises meant to enhance your martial arts training. You’ll practice dynamic striking drills, enhance your cardio like top martial artists do, and have an absolute blast with your classmates.

Before you know it, the class is over, and you got a phenomenal workout while learning powerful, life-saving skills.

Community Connections

Get ready because your circle of influence is about to grow... big time! We're a tight-knit group here and everyone is all about support and friendship. As you struggle through tough training times, and smile through wins and victories, you’ll have your martial arts family right there to help and cheer you on. 

Friendship, encouragement, and high fives are part of every class. As you train together, you and your classmates will form an amazing bond. It's just an indescribable feeling.

Martial Arts + Fitness Fun = A Winning Combination

Reignite your passion for life in our awesome classes! No two workouts are ever the same and you’ll rock your body to the core with fun, functional movements. 

Gain lean muscle, increase your coordination, and learn dynamic movements which are super-secret to martial arts conditioning. You’ll never hear military style yelling and we don’t use body shaming, ever. Just fun, positive motivation so you can be and do your best. 

Our students work hard, but they play even harder! Laughing, smiles and feeling good about yourself are part of every class.

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Hello and welcome to Innovative Martial Arts! We have dedicated our professional lives to providing our students with the most practical and effective self-defense methods available… and have built an outstanding reputation as a result. We specialize in martial arts for both kids and adults. 

Our classes focus on character-building and life lessons to get you pumped, skilled, and ready to take on the world… with great success!

Beginners Welcome! No matter what age or fitness level you are, we’ll work with you at your level and your pace to help you learn a wide range of practical self-defense techniques such as punching, blocking, and kicks; how to defend and attack; and so much more!

Our students are non-fighters… they are moms, dads, teens and kids just like you. Busy professionals and everyday working people who want to learn martial arts, but not in a “fighter’s gym.” We stay focused and train hard, but in a way that the average person can benefit. And we have a ton of FUN too! 

Our awesome instructors will guide every step of the way and push you past your limits while working with you to meet your goals. Your goals are our goals and your success is our success. You bring the goals list and we’ll handle all the details!

At Innovative Martial Arts, you’ll find “confidence-building” at the core of our curriculum. Passionate and caring instructors teach you more than just kicking and punching. We teach students how to become the best they can be so they can be as successful as possible in life. We want your child to dream big and martial arts is an EXCELLENT way for them to make their dreams come true!

Whether you’re 4 or 84, you’ll LOVE how martial arts improves your body, mind, and spirit as you gain…

Your child will learn how to be bully-proof, how to be more aware of people and their surroundings, and how to spot uncomfortable or confrontational situations so they can walk away before things turn ugly. Both kids and adults will also have the confidence, courage and powerful self-defense skills to defend themselves and their loved ones, if necessary.

The peace of mind you get from knowing powerful self-defense techniques is PRICELESS!

Check out the SUPER LOW web special going on right now or stop by for a tour of the facility and see what we’re all about! This special is 100% RISK-FREE and classes fill up FAST so reserve your spot today! 

Super cool self-defense moves; a strong, fit body; achieving rank, and amazing new friends are just the BEGINNING. The lessons you’ll learn in our classes build a rock solid foundation for total physical and mental fitness or taking it up a notch, if you want to really dive into martial arts and compete in tournaments.

Innovative Martial Arts instructors are highly qualified and passionate about teaching. Our state-of-the-art facility is meticulously clean, safe, and inspiring. You’ll feel like you belong here as your family of martial artists supports and encourages you with lots of high fives!

The friendly, enthusiastic and encouraging vibe here will make you smile, feel proud of all your accomplishments and happy that you made an EXCELLENT decision to improve your life.

Come join Innovative Martial Arts and find out how you can get unbelievably fit, acquire life skills for life success and get more VALUE for your money here. We can't wait to train with you and cheer you on every time you accomplish something big or small.  See you soon!

Head Instructor

Jake Nunneley is the Owner and Head Instructor of Innovative Martial Arts and is a lifelong martial artist. He started at the age of 10 years old in a Korean system of martial arts called Ho Kuk Mu Sul. Mr. Nunneley went on to earn his 2nd Degree Black Belt in Ho Kuk Mu Sul. Later he moved to Sacramento and began training with one of the best in the industry, Kyoshi Dave Kovar, owner of Kovars Satori Academy.

While studying and working for Mr. Kovar, Mr. Nunneley earned his 3rd Degree Black Belt in Kovars Kenpo. Mr. Nunneley was also exposed to many other martial arts during his time with Mr. Kovar. He also began studying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at the age of 16 and currently holds a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Garth Taylor of Kaijin MMA.

Mr. Nunneley began teaching at the age of 16 and found that he was naturally a good teacher. After training with Mr. Kovar, Mr. Nunneley found his skills as a teacher and mentor really improved. He has recently taken up Judo and currently holds a Blue Belt in Judo.

Mr. Nunneley has also won many medals in Tae Kwon Do sparring, forms, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments and he is also 1 - 0 in Amateur Mixed Martial Arts.

Jake believes that anyone can attain the benefits that martial arts has to offer if they desire to do so and he loves sharing his passion for martial arts with others.

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